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21/09/2013 Time to break the silence!

It's been 4 years since we have released new material. Here's a new song for you! We've been Craving for You! Listen at Soundcloud!

16/11/2011 Getting back to business!

We are writing new material which will be recorded during this year. Watch for updates at our new Facebook page here!

06/09/2010 "Soul for Sale" on Spotify

Soulcage is now on Spotify also! You can now listen all songs for free. Also new material is coming up so stay tuned!

03/05/2010 Great feedback from the UK!

"If you want to hear one of the best Finnish bands I’ve heard in ages then I recommend you check out Soulcage, because believe me these guys are going to be massive."
The Mayfair Mall Zine 9/10 

"Another excellent Scandinavian outfit arrive and are hopefully here to stay."
Metalliville 8.5/10 (review by Dave Attrill)

"I would have to say I was very surprised by this album it has everything fantastic drumming, riffs, keyboards and many different influences this band are sure to go places."
Rock & Metal Domain 4/5

"Soulcage play good old fashioned rock that takes its cue from the likes of Queensrÿche, Whitesnake and Dio. As rock albums go this is mighty fine... it is hugely enjoyable"
The Music Critic, 4/5

"...these guys have a fantastic performing energy and ability that many other bands struggle to achieve.The album is a great piece of entertainment... Soulcage are definitely a Finnish import worth investing in"
Allgigs.co.uk (reviewed by Patrick McKiernan), 3.5/5

"the members of Soulcage are talented; in particular Aleksi Parviainen has a strong versatile voice and Jari Ilomaki dominates on bass... [Soulcage] have a certain degree of creativity and unpredictability"
Dangerdog Music Reviews (reviewed by Craig Hartranft), 3/5

"Soul For Sale is a very versatile collection of different elements that should feel either like an innovative style of hard rock or a jumbled bag of ambitious ideas, depending on your preferences"
Metal Reviews (reviewed by Aleksie), 73/100

"Hard rock, melodic hard-edged rock with a rich clean-cut set of modern-sounding keyboards anchoring their sound in some kind of almost lost land of 80’s rock/pop metal"
Organ Magazine, (not rated)

"Songs are rich in structure and melodies but in no way over crowded. Musically the band sounds like a tight outfit... [with] the excellent voice of Aleksi Parviainen"
DPRP (reviewed by Dries Dokter), 7/10

08/04/2010 Another nice review from UK!

"Soul for Sale" rated at All Gigs zine. Read the review here.

05/04/2010 Nice review @ The Music Critic (UK)!

"Soul for Sale" got rating 4/5 at The Music Critic zine. Read the review here.

24/03/2010 UK release confirmed!

"Soul for Sale" album will be released in UK in April 23rd. Album will be distributed by Plastic Head and UK Street team will take care of the promotion.

16/11/2009 New music video from "Satellite Children" online!

Soulcage's brand new video from "Satellite Children" can been seen at www.suosikki.tv. Remember to rate this video!

17/10/2009 "My Canvas, My Skin" gets airplay on Greek metal TV Show!

Soulcage's video was shown last Wednesday on TV War metal program in Greece! TV War has been round since 1999 and it is supported by Metal Hammer Greece.

31/08/2009 Cool footage from the last gig!

Check out cool photos from the latest "On the rocks" gig from the imagery and very nice live footage from the official YouTube channel!

14/07/2009 Soulcage at Floobs.com!

Check out the awesome Schweinespezial at Soulcage Floobs channel. Remember to bookmark this link for more Soulcage fun in the future!

02/07/2009 Dot On Shaft guitars endorsement deal!

Teppo has made endorsement deal with Dot On Shaft guitars that are distributed by Amplisonic in Finland. Dot On Shaft is a new canadian supreme quality guitar brand founded by Mike Carparelli. Teppo abuses black Carparelli S3 with custom pickups.

29/06/2009 "Soul for Sale" out now in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

Soulcage's second album "Soul for Sale" is now released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Album is distibuted by SPV. Order your copy here!

25/06/2009 Download a free song!

You can now download radio edit version of MIA for free. Download song here.

09/06/2009 Official japanese site online!

The official Soulcage site is now also available in japanese language. Check it out here.

14/05/2009 "My Canvas, My Skin" most popular video at Noise zine!

"My Canvas, My Skin" is the most popular video at the moment on finnish rock zine Noise. You can rate the video here. The feedback from the video has been great in general. Video has got airplay on finnish MTV and it was also featured in Headbanger's Ball.

08/05/2009 New interviews!

Read Aleksi's interviews at rock zines (in finnish only) Noise and Imperiumi! More interviews are also coming shortly.

23/04/2009 New promo pics!

Check out cool new promo pics taken by Mike Sirén! Photographer Mike is renowed from the extreme popular finnish bodybuilding site Pakkotoisto. See the photos here! Special thanks to Backstreet clothing for their kind support.

08/04/2009 New album "Soul for Sale" out now in Finland!

Soulcage's second album is now released in Finland. Album release gig is 12.4. at Dante's Highlight, also playing Machinae Supremacy.

Acoustic Anttila promo tour:
8.4. Kamppi, Helsinki, 17:00
11.4. Hyvinkaa, 11:00
11.4. Hämeenlinna, 14:00
14.4. Itäkeskus, Helsinki, 18:00
15.4. Nummela, 18:00
16.4. Tampere, 17:00

01/04/2009 Artist of the week on finnish MySpace!

Soulcage is featured as the artist of the week on the finnish MySpace. The whole "Soul for Sale" album can be listened on the official Soulcage MySpace 1.4. - 8.4.

28/03/2009 "My Canvas, My Skin" 8th on the official finnish download chart!

Second single from the upcoming album debuts on position 8th on the finnish download chart. The song is also on position 10th on the finnish single chart.

24/03/2009 Anttila TopTen acoustic promo tour !

Members of Soulcage are performing acoustic versions of the songs from the upcoming album on an exclusive Anttila TopTen (one of the biggest finnish record stores) tour. See details from the gigs section.

23/03/2009 "My Canvas, My Skin" available for downloading!

New song is now available on iTunes and many other platforms in Finland. You can also listen the whole song on the official MySpace and see the video from Youtube in HD quality!

11/03/2009 "My Canvas, My Skin" music video online!

First video from the upcoming album can be seen on Suosikki.tv
Video is written and directed by Tuomas Parviainen and it is shot by Joonas Pulkkanen. Remember to rate this master piece!

08/03/2009 New album"Soul for Sale" out in 8th April!

Soulcage's second album "Soul for Sale" will be released in Finland 8.4. through Hellas Records and it will be distributed by Supersounds. Germany, Austria and Switzerland will follow in 26.6. and the local distributor is SPV. Also the track list and the cover art are revealed. See it here!